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It’s not the problems that are too complex – it’s the consciousness that is too limited. We are in 2018 – and each day it is becoming more evident: The overwhelming acceleration and complexity of the digital age is pushing our mental processing capacities to the edge.

What can we do about it? Can we just go on with business as usual, heading blindly into in the same direction? Working even harder and even faster? I don’t think so.

»Problems can’t be solved with the same thinking that created them in the first place« said Einstein.

But how does this new paradigm of thinking translate into the present day and time, and how can you as a leader elevate your thinking?



Conscious intelligence is a human operating level superior to the now dominant, cognitive intelligence. It is gives level of abstraction that allows for the unthinkable to become manifest. An intelligence accessible by every human who is ready to expand his consciousness by breaking through preconditioned habits bound to his person-hood.

Just look for yourself – isn’t your personal experience in a constant flux and shifting from moment to moment? Moving from intense stressful states to states of flow, from dream to wakeful concentration? I’m sure you’ve experienced quite different states of being in your past, but are you conscious of the cues that shift you from one state to another?

Let’s have a look at flow-states. Those state where everything seems to magically come together in your favour, and where you intuitively take the right decision and time flies. Most people experience these states while playing a sport, creating art, making love, dancing or sometimes even working.

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and how can we induce them at will? Neuroscience has deciphered these states, and understands that they can be traced back to changes in brainwaves (gamma to delta) and the presence of certain neurochemicals in your brain (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins and oxytocin).

Today we understand the mechanisms that induce those states. The good news? Through meditation, breath work, and specific impulses to our body, we can directly influence the way we feel and experience reality.

Now, why is this knowledge so relevant in 2018?


THE OLD PARADIGM: Ego-Identification

Our busy, information-packed lifestyles constantly send us into a state where beta waves are dominant. This is necessary for fast activity, attentiveness and focused mental activity, but remaining in this state for prolonged periods of time comes at a high price. We end up stuck in a fight-or-flight mode leading to high cortisol levels, impaired thinking and stress.

In this state we end up standing in our own way when trying to solve the multilayered challenges of our times. They obstruct our capacity to cooperate effectively, to see things from fresh perspectives and ultimately remaining in this state leads to depression and dissatisfaction.

Old paradigm - Ego-centered mindset - STEVEN-KAESER.COM

Now that machines are taking over much of the repetitive and analytical tasks, we have the opportunity – more the obligation – to find ways to step into altered states of consciousness where intuition, swarm intellgience, intuitive information processing and innovative thoughts arise. All these are qualities that are necessary for superior problem solving.



You might ask yourself at this point? “How do I get access to this conscious intelligence?“

Conscious Intelligence can’t be accessed by accumulating more information or by understanding more complex concepts. It is accessed through way’s you might not be aware of yet. It’s an intelligence that arises through full immersion into the present moment. 

New paradigm - Conscious intelligence - STEVEN-KAESER.COM

Now let me share with you the methods I use in my seminars to shift executives who are keen on accessing this intelligence into states of flow.

No matter if it’s a creativity, sales, team building or self-management seminar – all my work is built on two pillars: Consciousness Technologies and Transpersonal Experiences.



These are tools that allow for us to take an outside perspective on our emotional, thinking and behavioral habits. Those tools are, for example, IPEC’s Energy Leadership, Byron Katie’s »The Work«, David Allen’s »Getting Things Done« or Constellation work. Only when be become consciouss of our repetitive habits we can break out of the destructive cycles and become the masters of our destiny.



These experiences are able to break open and expose the limitations of what you thought was previously unimaginable.

In the midst of a transpersonal experience you shatter your self-imposed limitations that are bound to personal identifiaction so you can see yourself from a new, expanded perspective.

The methods involved are sometimes centuries old and have been practiced in cultures around the globe. Those practices involve cold water exposure, breath work, shamanic rituals, peak experiences and the use of psychedelics and mediation.

When those experiences are professionally integrated, most participants experience states that lead them to deeper self-understanding, increased creativity and deeper contentment.

Transpersonale Erfahrung - Steven Käser leitet Retreat - STEVEN-KAESER.COM



To date these practices are still widely seen as “woo-woo” and often socially unacceptable. I predict that they will become mainstream as the need and desire for change increases. This increasing pressure supports us in deciding to constructively address the challenges of our times.

Unseen acceleration and complexity asks for yet unseen expansion of our conciousness.

It’s not our problems that are too complex. It’s our level of consciousness that is too limited.

If you are interested to learn more about altered state of intelligence for peak performance and life satisfaction, I highly recommend the book »Stealing Fire« from Steven Kottler and Jamie Wheal.





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